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KeHE Buying Club

Co-op Member-Owners can purchase cases of organic and natural foods at wholesale cost from our grocery distributor KeHE. This is a great way to make purchasing organic and natural foods more affordable and can also provide you with access to items we may not normally carry.

How it Works:

 1) Click here to download the current catalog. 

     The catalog will download as an Excel Spreadsheet. It is updated regularly, please make sure you're using the link above, it will give you the most current pricing from KeHE.

 2) The catalog is automatically filtered A-Z by Brand. If you know what brand you        are searching for simply scroll to the desired brand.

 3) If you would like to search for a specific item use "CTRL&F" or "⌘&F" to                    bring up your computer's "Find" function. This will allow you to type in a                    specific keyword and find all items relating to this keyword.

    Tip: Be general with your keyword descriptions.

 4) Once you have chosen your item use the form below to fill out the

     KeHE Item Number, Product Description, and Quantity.

      Please note, the quantity must be at least the KeHE minimum order quantity             (found in the last column of the spreadsheet). We can not split cases.

 5) Submit your order. If it will not let you submit, please look for red asterisk, some fields must be numbers (without text). We will contact you with a confirmation and any questions regarding your order.

Order Deadline: 

Orders must be placed by 11:00pm Sunday night. Our KeHE delivery day is Friday. Please note, occasionally our delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We will contact you when your order is ready to be picked up.


Contact the store at 518-392-3353 or 

Having trouble with the form below? Have a big order, and need more lines?

Please download this excel document and enter your order then email to, don't forget to tell us your name so we can look up your membership! Item quantities are each, so if you enter 1, we will order 1 case, or the smallest amount KeHE will deliver.

KeHE Special Order Form


Co-op Members can order KeHE products at our wholesale cost!

Order Received, Thanks for submitting!

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